"I was definitely ahead of my friends. I was French-kissing girls way before anybody else was."

Our family is big and strong but it won’t ever quite be whole again without Paul x

This blog is now on break.

You can ask questions and they will be answered privately unless you ask on anon, in that case they will be answered whenever we feel like answering.

You can submit edits or gifs and we will give the ok to publish them but other than that we’re on break.

This blog is a lot of work. Even with four people it still feels like we’re juggling to keep everyone updated, informed and have their dash filled with some F&F posts. Tash and I haven’t decided when we will come off of break but we will post maybe occasionally when we feel like it and we’ll be back for the new movie and will be posting news and photos when it comes up.

I want to get married. I think about it a lot. But I also think about my cars, so maybe my priorities aren’t exactly in line just yet.

Dom’s ideal woman.


Family <3 <3 <3 


Vin Diesel in the Fast & Furious bloopers.

"It’s not how you stand by your car, it’s how you race your car.."